Would you like any cashback?

Good morning, how are you?
Do you have the correct change?
What seat would you like?
Do you have a moment for Oxfam?
Can I interest you in a free sample?
Ice and lemon?
Would you like to go large for £1 extra?
After this call could you spare a minute to answer some questions?
Did you know that these are on 3 for 2 at the moment?
Are you OK with your packing?
Can you spare any change?
Do you have any proof of age?
Would you like to upgrade your mobile phone?
Can you put your card in the reader?
What type of bread would you like for your sub?
Did you bring your eco bags?
Are you collecting computers-for-schools vouchers?
Would you like the meal deal with a drink for 50p extra?
Do you have a Nectar card?
Would you like your receipt in the bag?
Did your trousers fit?
How was your weekend?
Table for two?
Can I interest you in a catalog?
Did anyone help you with your purchases today?
Would you like a hand and nail scrub?
Do you have any smaller notes?
Big Issue?
Can I see your ticket?
Would you like to top-up your mobile phone?
Do you have the time?
Would you like to save 10% with our store card?
Single or double?
Would you like cashback?

Yes, actually. Can I have £20 please?

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One Response to Would you like any cashback?

  1. Alex Cox says:

    Hi Chris

    I love reading your blogs, they always make me chuckle